Buying Leads & Appointments

Buying Leads in The UKWe can supplement your marketing by generating leads for your products and services within specific geographical regions. Each opportunity we create is qualified and if possible, appointed for you.
We don’t sell the lead to anyone else so you will not automatically be competing against others in same way that other lead generation companies work.

Lead Generation In The UK

We will discuss the range of opportunities you are looking for in The UK or surrounding areas. There is no fee for setting up the service, there is no monthly service charge either, we simply charge you per lead or appointment generated. We’re not doing surveys or cold canvassing either, you can buy business leads in The UK that are generated from willing and genuine customers who have come to us.

We can service most different types of businesses, however, we prefer to work with Small to Medium size businesses as the service seems to make a real difference and locally, these are often preferred.
Charges start at £9 per lead generated, however, this can be more depending on the type of lead generated – as an example, appointments are more expensive to buy than calls.

Buying leads for your business in The UK