The Importance Of Call Management

Website companies in The UK fail to consider what comes after the design & launch of a website.
Trying to generate enquiries is important – getting an email enquiry is good, but a telephone call is 2nd only to a confirmed order.
Callers rather than emailers are often more interested, their need is clearly more urgent and their desire to buy is clearly higher by the fact they have picked up a phone to find out more.

Managing Your Calls More Effectively

We have the ability to telephone numbers from every area, over 5000 local exchanges across the country. Calls can be delivered to an office or landline number – even a mobile phone to ensure you can handle calls. We can even take over your existing numbers, provide new telephony equipment and more to ensure you are fully equipped. Here are some of our services used to maximise call management:

Tracking Calls & Monitoring Response

We have built an industry leading platform which tracks call volume by Area, Adverts, Brands, Time to Answer, Days Of The Week & Hours Of the Day. We also can create campaigns that forecast return on investment. For more information about our services, please call The UK 0800 056 7506