Google Adwords PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Adwords is the fastest and most controllable way to get your business listed in The UK for all the important products and services you offer across The UK. You allocate a monthly budget and Google charges for every click generated. We discuss, plan and manage your Pay Per Click campaigns, bringing together Google Analytics and our own response tracking facilities to ensure you get the best value return for your investment.

Google Adwords in The UK

We have Media Managers providing either telephone or face to face consultations and ongoing account management in The UK, their aim is to fully understand the enquiries you’re looking to achieve from Google PPC advertising in The UK and pull together a sensible strategy to achieve your goals from a range of the following:

Pay Per Click advertising in The UK

How Much Does Google PPC Cost in The UK

Before recommending or indeed suggesting a budget to advertise on Google in The UK, we really recommend understanding what you are expecting.
For example, we have managed to create campaigns for as little as £70 per month – in contrast, we have some at £4000 per month too!

To find out more about Google Adwords Pay Per Click services in The UK, please call The UK 0800 056 7506 and we’ll be happy to provide some assistance.